Brett Colliver’s Cannes Diary #2

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Brett Colliver’s Cannes Diary #2

Brett Colliver, chief creative officer at Dentsu Creative is representing New Zealand on the Cannes Direct jury. Colliver, along with most of the other New Zealand and Australian jurors, writes exclusively for CB.


You know when you notice a niggly sound and suddenly you can’t stop hearing it? And then it kind of starts… grating your brain?

Well, I’ve found a few of those sounds recently.

The words “presenting”, “presents”, and “introducing”.

I’ve lost count of how many times I heard or saw it, but it became glaringly obvious somewhere between case study 50 and 100.

I know the template works, but it’s become a cliché to set up ideas with that language, to the point where I think it actually undermines the entry. I’m not talking “throw it out” levels of undermining, but it does instantly give your video an air of familiarity. And as we know, originality has to be the goal.

So, I’d like to propose that for next award season, we all try to find some other ways of doing “the big reveal” in our entries. It’s a seemingly small thing, but it will honestly make your idea feel fresher.

Anyway, enough griping because Day Two was optimism day. After the brutal massacre of Day One, it was incredibly satisfying to start debating and awarding Lions. To the point where I didn’t even care that we were judging till 23:30 (they love using 24-hour time over here).

More on that tomorrow, because amongst the 200 incredible entries that remain, there’s some truly incredible ways starting to emerge.