TBWA launches new AI platform ‘Collective AI’

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TBWA launches new AI platform ‘Collective AI’

The Disruption Company — has launched its AI platform, Collective AI. The platform is built on Omnicom’s end to end Gen AI suite of services and takes advantage of the company’s first-to-market partnership agreements with leading AI providers but is distinctively fed on a one-of-a-kind diet of Disruption. Leveraging over 50 years of TBWA’s disruptive ideas and insights from more than 11,000 creative minds in over 40 countries, Collective AI has a treasure trove of TBWA-built experiences fueling its output.


Collective AI is the doorway to all the AI tools available to TBWA employees and clients. It includes custom AI applications, uses TBWA’s extensive archives, and is powered by Omni’s first-mover, partnerships negotiated with Adobe, Microsoft, Google, DALL-E and more.

The Collective AI platform includes custom tools such as:

●      Edges AI — Edges AI turns cultural intelligence into action. Edges are cultural trends collected over almost a decade of daily uploads from TBWA’s global collective of Spotters (learn more here). The impact of those trends on behavior is quantified through proprietary global quantitative research. Edges AI brings these inputs together to help brands understand the strength, velocity and spend associated with cultural trends for their particular category and then generates ideas for how to capitalize on them in ways that are consistent with the brand’s positioning.

●      FEED AI — An extension of TBWA’s specialist social media offering, FEED AI amplifies GPT to act as a social media expert. It is trained on detailed case studies and best-in-class data to provide pointed, expert solutions in research, strategy, ideation and planning. It’s already been put to use across agencies in North America, Europe and Asia.

●      Inclusive AI is trained on TBWA’s “DEI by Design” framework to ensure products and services meet standards of inclusivity. It allows teams to input creative work and messaging to ensure it is inclusive, helps teams identify diverse creators and suppliers, and allows employees a safe space to ask questions and receive guidance on inclusivity and belonging.

Thanks to Omnicom’s exclusive partnership with Adobe Firefly, TBWA is a first mover, working to train Adobe’s Firefly Custom model in new generative AI applications. This research will influence how the Firefly Custom Model product serves brands in the future.

Says Troy Ruhanen, global CEO, TBWAWorldwide: “Collective AI doesn’t just allow us to do our jobs better, it will fuel the very best of the future, as well. The conventional wisdom is that AI is helping with automation and efficiency for the tasks we already do today. While that is true, the real power of AI is much, much more – moving us away from interruptions towards content and brand experiences that people want to embrace and that solve real business problems and exercise real cultural opportunities.”

Moving beyond content in the age of AI

TBWA’s progression in AI is being expertly led by global chief product officer Deepthi Prakash and global head of data intelligence and AI, Michael Horn, in collaboration with Omnicom’s CTO, Paolo Yuvienco.

Says Prakash: “Our creativity extends beyond making content. We have long developed physical and digital products, applications and experiences. The beauty of AI is that we can now scale that without an army of people. With valuable functionalities like no-code development or 3D modeling, we can help more brands bring distinctive products, services and experiences to market.”

Products, services and experiences like:

●      For Nissan, TBWAHakuhodo created Iruyo: A Furry Robot driven by machine learning to calm babies during car rides.

●      For Golden Circle, an Australian food brand, TBWA held a competition for kids to design their perfect lunchbox. The hand-drawings were rendered into AI-created designs to be 3D printed – turning the digital into physical.

●      Alongside the Riky Rick Foundation TBWAHunt Lascaris produced Stronger – a song that used AI to assemble the late rapper’s tweets into lyrics that challenged the stigma around mental health.

TBWA is renowned for its ‘always in beta’ mindset and with the development of Collective AI, TBWA and Omnicom are demonstrating how creativity and scale will drive the industry and get our clients to the future faster.

Collective AI is part of Omnicom’s strategy to infuse Gen AI into every facet of its business to make its people more effective, its operations more efficient and to drive transformative outcomes for clients.

TBWA launches new AI platform ‘Collective AI’