The Work 2024 Contenders: SVEN Philippines

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is SVEN Philippines’s Top 3…

Palmolive Naturals: #HaaayToBuhayNaBuhay
The struggles of everyday life had Gen Z Filipinas in a languishing state of mind. As a brand that champions naturality, Palmolive empowered young Filipinas to reclaim their lost vibrance through the power of nature by turning #HaaayToBuhayNaBuhay (#LanguishingToLiving)!

This multi-faceted social movement brought reinvigorated positivity to Filipinas everywhere. It started with one #Haaay (Filipino for “sigh”), sparking conversations on social that reached over 61 million encounters. Through nature-centered initiatives, Palmolive turned these #Haaays into #BuhayNaBuhay (“full of life”) with the Palmolive Positivity Hub. Offline, an interactive nature space gave Filipinas a chance to take refreshing breaks on-the-spot. Online, it was a mobile-first metaverse that reached 1.2 million visits, allowing Filipinas to explore nature spaces during their commute, meet with friends for nature moments, and get quick daily breathers any time.

Through this nature-powered experience, Filipinas realized that they could restore their most vibrant and beautiful selves from the dullness of life. Palmolive led Filipinas away from a languishing state of mind and empowered them to turn their days around, one quick nature moment or feel-good bath at a time.

SM Supermalls: AweSM SuperKids Zone at Roblox
Malls are uniquely woven into Filipino life and culture, but this is not the case for Generation Alphas (Gen As) who no longer feel the magic of malling vs. previous generations. SM Supermalls understood the brief — building an affinity with the youth generation wasn’t just about bringing them to malls, but bringing the love for malls in a radically different way.

Welcome to the AweSM SuperKids Zone — the youth’s very own space to wander and discover malling magic in the country’s top kids gaming app, Roblox! This new gen social space embodied the DNA of SM as a super mall — with supersized play zones that mimicked real life malling fun, secret spaces and mazes that sparked curiosity and excitement, colorful places to hang with their bruhs, and mini games and challenges that got them to keep coming back.

The AweSM SuperKids Zone aweSMly did its job — SuperKids loved it! The first-ever metaverse mall experience in the country quickly hit 100k completely organic gameplays when it launched with Gen As and their parents sharing overwhelmingly positive reviews and reacts. SM gained an impressive 3.7M non-boosted engagements across socials including Facebook, a platform less frequented by Gen As but got them engaged nonetheless. The aweSM metaverse experience also turned real with SM malls around the country creating pop-up experiences of the zone, and a three-hour mall event becoming the brand’s biggest single mall Gen A event in 2023 with over 2,000 kids joining in on the fun.

It’s a new day, and SM’s def ready to welcome the new gen in all new aweSM ways.

NBA Philippines: #RepublikaNgNBA
Ball is life in the Philippines, so why did NBA Philippines’ (NBA PH) social media performance pale vs. unofficial fan groups? With 43% less engagements on Facebook compared to the top fan community, NBA needed to rethink its game plan of engaging with the 62% of Filipinos that pride themselves as NBA fans. To be the local voice of the NBA in the country, NBA PH stepped up its social game with #RepublikaNgNBA (#RepublicOfNBA)!

By turning their social pages into an all-engaging space, NBA PH became the Philippine fans’ (PHans) home like no other, taking to Facebook, X, and TikTok with a unique triple-play strategy that hit nothing but net. NBA PH hooked PHans by playing to their homecourt advantage and flexing Pinoy Pride, using nostalgia to pay respect to NBA past and hype the present, and bringing entertainment with relevant trendjacks and memes.

The play paid off: NBA PH swept major fan-driven social platforms, generating 20 million more engagements than impressions in just one month post-launch. The brand reeled in even more on social, with fan commentary amplified by +237% on Facebook (vs. LY), engagements boosted by +326% on X (vs. LY) and 137-million video views in just 8 months on TikTok. By embracing the PHan community, NBA PH scored its biggest local success yet — turning its social spaces into a legit Republika and making the Philippines NBA’s strongest social nation in Asia!