Cheil X creates new campaign for The MG Comet EV – The Street Smart Car

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Cheil X has created a new campaign for MG Comet, showcasing it as a street smart car that adapts to the urban mobility needs with modern cities getting smarter day by day.


The campaign comprises three slice-of-life films, set within the urban jungle. Each film shows a situation where the city throws an obstacle but Comet is unfazed by each of them and is adept at finding a solve. While the first film highlights the ‘easy to park’ feature in a light-hearted manner, the other two drive home the point that Comet EV is spacious, loaded with tech and easy to manoeuvre on crowded city streets. These films collectively underline the fact that the combination of design, tech, smart space and features in the MG Comet EV makes it the perfect street smart car.

“The MG Comet EV is a car bred for the demands of the city and is loaded with features that liberate you from the shackles of narrow lanes and tricky turns. Besides, it has the ‘Big Inside Compact Outside’ advantage as well as the tech to navigate the daily surprises. So, in a world where people have grown accustomed to the inconvenience of city driving, MG Comet EV provides a refreshing new perspective on what a delight driving within the city can be,” says Udit Malhotra, Head of Marketing, JSW MG Motor India.

“The brief was to create a campaign that portrays Comet EV as the perfect city car. We felt that Comet EV, with its easy manoeuvrability, tech features, spacious inside and compact outside design, reflected the spirit of new-age city folks who are always looking at ways to deal with the curveballs of everyday driving. That’s how we arrived at the new positioning encapsulated in the tagline ‘The Street Smart Car.’ The campaign is led by three films that were shot within the environs of the city, with a narrative that seamlessly integrates the features of the car with slice-of-life moments,” says Amit Nandwani, National Creative Director, Cheil X.

Neeraj Bassi, Chief Growth Officer, Cheil X, said: “The communication around cars is crafted to evoke a sense of awe since it is an aspirational product, but we had to balance it with a dash of light-heartedness since this car is meant to appeal to a younger audience. To achieve this end, we took inspiration from the daily life and picked up vignettes that touch upon the cadence of routines that we are all familiar with.”

Agency: Cheil X
Chief Operating Officer: Sanjeev Jasani
Chief Creative Officer: Vikash Chemjong
Chief Growth Officer: Neeraj Bassi 
National Creative Director: Amit Nandwani
Chief Strategy Officer: Sourav Ray
Vice President, Head of Operations: Kanika
Account Management team: Kunal Sharma, Shweta Goel, Priyanka Saini, Shrey Gandhi, Anuja Bharati, Niharika Roy
Creative team: Devdas Nair, Jitendra Kumar Kaushik, Rakshit Nair, Atif Mazhar Khan, Suryansh Sharma
Account Planning team: Debopriyo Bhattacherjee, Shivani R
Production House: Red Comet Films