Cheil Worldwide Seoul’s Seongphil Hwang, Hyoeun Jeon, Seungree Kang, Suntaeck Kim + Taeyul Ko all rank #1 in the 2023 Campaign Brief Asia Korea Creative Rankings

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Cheil Worldwide Seoul’s Seongphil Hwang, Hyoeun Jeon, Seungree Kang, Suntaeck Kim + Taeyul Ko all rank #1 in the 2023 Campaign Brief Asia Korea Creative Rankings

Cheil Worldwide Seoul’s Hyoeun Jeon, Seongphil Hwang, Seungree Kang, Suntaeck Kim and Taeyul Ko have been crowned Korea’s top ranked creatives in the 2023 Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings with 1225 points.


Their biggest awards contributor was their multi award winning “Knock Knock” campaign for the Korean National Police Agency. The campaign has won awards at most of the regional and global award shows that it has been entered into.

Four Innocean Worldwide Korea creatives were the next highest ranked with Nari Moon at #6 with 1030 points, Doyu Yang at #7 with 1015 points, Seung-ha Rhee at #8 with 970 points and Ha-Yong Jung at #9 with 690 points.

Two of Innocean Worldwide’s successful campaigns were Hyundai Motor Group’s “Hydrogen Garbage Truck” and Hanwha “Solar Beehive”.

Ranking equal #10 on 425 points are Hyewon Hyun, Jeongsil Lee and Seontack Kim from Cheil Worldwide Seoul.

Serviceplan Korea CD Thomas Iksuhhuh ranks at #13 followed by Cheil Worldwide Seoul’s Joohee Lee in #14, Innocean Worldwide Korea’s Eun-Ha Oh in #15 and Serviceplan Korea’s Diana Dahye Kim in #16.

Having recently made the move from GreyNJ United Thailand to Cheil Worldwide Seoul, Jesse Wong ranks at #17.

Rounding out the top 20 ranked creatives are Innocean Worldwide Korea’s Dahoon Son in #18 and in equal #19 Serviceplan Korea’s Jin Park and Minwoo Kim.

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#1 Seongphil Hwang Cheil Worldwide Seoul 1225
#1 Seungree Kang Cheil Worldwide Seoul 1225
#1 Suntaeck Kim Cheil Worldwide Seoul 1225
#1 Hyoeun Jeon Cheil Worldwide Seoul 1225
#1 Taeyul Ko Cheil Worldwide Seoul 1225
#6 Nari Moon Innocean Worldwide Korea 1030
#7 Doyu Yang Innocean Worldwide Korea 1015
#8 Seung-ha Rhee Innocean Worldwide Korea 970
#9 Ha-Yong Jung Innocean Worldwide Korea 690
#10 Hyewon Hyun Cheil Worldwide Seoul 425
#10 Jeongsil Lee Cheil Worldwide Seoul 425
#10 Seontack Kim Cheil Worldwide Seoul 425
#13 Thomas Iksuhhuh Serviceplan Korea 365
#14 Joohee Lee Cheil Worldwide Seoul 355
#15 Eun-Ha Oh Innocean Worldwide Korea 340
#16 Diana Dahye Kim Serviceplan Korea 335
#17 Jesse Wong Cheil Worldwide Seoul 315
#18 Dahoon Son Innocean Worldwide Korea 260
#19 Jin Park Serviceplan Korea 245
#19 Minwoo Kim Serviceplan Korea 245
#21 Hayoung Chang Innocean Worldwide Korea 220
#22 Silver Eunman Kim Serviceplan Korea 220
#23 Bae-Sung Kim Innocean Worldwide Korea 175
#24 Kyunghwa Shin Cheil Worldwide Seoul 150
#25 Jeon Hae Lin Innocean Worldwide Korea 130
#26 Won Jun Choi Innocean Worldwide Korea 95
#26 Wonkuk Kim Innocean Worldwide Korea 95
#28 Junkyu Lee Innocean Worldwide Korea 90
#28 Tae-Hwan Lee Innocean Worldwide Korea 90
#28 Yeongkyu Yoo Serviceplan Korea 90
#31 Sehee Kim Innocean Worldwide Korea 85
#32 Yoon-Ju Lee Innocean Worldwide Korea 75
#33 Cheong Hyang Won Innocean Worldwide Korea 60
#33 Hae Geon Seung Innocean Worldwide Korea 60
#33 Hye Lin Jeon Innocean Worldwide Korea 60
#33 Min Ji Park Innocean Worldwide Korea 60
#33 Sang Hyun Lin Innocean Worldwide Korea 60
#33 David Kang LG Seoul 60
#33 Jooeun Baek LG Seoul 60
#33 Minyoung Ahn LG Seoul 60
#33 Sungkwon Ha LG Seoul 60
#33 Unjong Yeo LG Seoul 60