Creative Circle: Apple Wang + Andrew Chu

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Creative Circle: Apple Wang + Andrew Chu

Campaign Brief Asia asks two creative thinkers from the region to highlight recent great work that caught their eye from around Asia and globally. Creative Circle contributors this week are Apple Wang (above left) and Andrew Chu (right).


Apple Wang
Creative Director
Asia: A New Year’s spot for a Japanese department store, “SEIBU SOGO – Receipts are the new wish lists” will be my pick for Asia region.

The execution was simple but profound. First, the sound of tapping the cash register, with a women’s soft and leisurely voiceover. A pure picture made me cannot help but share on my Facebook timeliness immediately.

Japanese ads always have unique insights, digging up the gentle but impactful sympathy of humanity, and find a superb entry point to engage.

On the coronavirus outbreak, the physical department stores have been greatly impacted, but they presented the “receipt” in a creative and profound way, listing the total number of multiple items which were purchased from June to November 2020.

The numbers are not the result of data analyzation, but a meaningful message to tell the “story” behind them. That is the hope for the future. The sparkle in the dark brings the hope of the belief that”everything will be alright”. And at that time, we will see you again!

What a department store sells is not merchandise, but “hope”. Through the words on the receipt, this gentle, intimate but powerful idea almost went viral within a day or two. This idea proves that going viral does not require high budgets, exquisite technologies. Human insights will always be the most compelling power.


Creative Circle: Apple Wang + Andrew Chu

Global: The commercials during every Super Bowl are always entertaining! Doritos 3D’s #FLATMATTHEW is a real stroke of genius. Several scenarios show how dull 2D life can be for the “flatman” living in a three-dimensional world, inspired a ridiculous and funny plot, and finally taking advantage of the “flat advantage” to make his way into Doritos vending machine.

He ultimately puffs back up to his normal self thanks to Doritos 3D Crunch.

The plot I laughed most is he ultimately puffs back up to his normal self after a magic bite of Doritos 3D Crunch, like an inflatable effect, first slowly recovering from the fingers, and then “bang!” Matthew transforms back to the multi-dimensional, dynamic himself and being stuck in the vending machine. The scene has been smoothly completed at one go, without any redundant arrangement.

It is such stunning that I can’t help but imagine: If I were the next to take over the brand mission for Doritos 3D Crunch, what would I do?

I must say that #FLATMATTHEW has set a higher threshold.

In the process of brainstorming and creative development, it will jump out everywhere and interfere with me: “Is my idea more exciting than #FLATMATTHEW?” God! I’m jealous the creative who comes up with this amazing idea.


Creative Circle: Apple Wang + Andrew Chu

Andrew Chu
Executive Creative Director
Ogilvy Thailand
APAC: My pick goes to the ‘Donation Dollar’ – an idea from Australia that made headlines a few months ago and is hopefully still creating on-going ripples until now. Although it may sound like old news, but as my mates from the land down under would say: “It’s an oldie, but a goodie”, or in this case, “It’s a goldie” would perhaps be more suitable.

It’s an inspiring example demonstrating of how powerful a big idea can be and the positive impact that creativity can bring to our world. I also love the simplicity of this idea, and what I love even more is the fact that it is not just a traditional piece of advertising, but a tangible solution to a real problem – a $1 coin designed to help all those in need, by giving a gentle nudge to remind every Aussie to donate it to charity or even to the homeless person they happen to find on their way.

Sometimes all we need is a gentle reminder, especially during the current global pandemic that has driven most of us to care only about ourselves and our closed ones. Let’s hope that the ‘Donation Dollar’ ends up fulfilling the intention behind its creation and hopefully not selfishly becoming a collector’s limited edition coin.


Creative Circle: Apple Wang + Andrew Chu

Global: FCK! After a shortage of chicken a few years ago, KFC has done it again as they find themselves facing a shortage of… a slogan. So hats off to the team at Mother London and their KFC client (again) for what they’ve cooked up until the world can finger-lick again is just brilliant.

A simple, tongue-in-cheek, yet very ballsy idea to be “borrowing” other famous brands’ slogans as their own, while “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” remains on-hold due to the on-going global pandemic. And to even go as far as popping up a digital billboard in front of a Nike store after ‘pinching’ their iconic tagline ‘Just Do It’ raises the bravery bar to the next level.

I love the cheekiness of the idea, it is bang on the brand’s current tone of voice and brings some lightheartedness amongst all the pessimism in the ‘new normal’ we’re living in. But what I love above all is how, rather than going with a one-way communication approach, the campaign engaged its consumers on Twitter (and probably other social media platforms as well) by letting everyone chip-in any fitting or ridiculous tagline as a temporary replacement.

With the use of the hashtag #UntilWeCanFingerLickAgain, KFC not only bridged the online and offline worlds perfectly, but also cleverly kept their popular slogan on top of everyone’s mind without having to shout it out loud. And while it’s great to see the brand walking the talk in response to its fans, but to see other brands playing along and joining the fun, with humorous banters & conversations happening in various markets around the globe, is so FCK’ing amazingly good.

Creative Circle: Apple Wang + Andrew Chu